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Dedicated Experts

Ask queries and resolve your concerns through our in-house team of medical experts including Gynaecologists, Nutritionists, Yoga Instructors and many more. Book appointments for personalised one-on-one interactions to avail the guidance and support, you were seeking for.

Garbh Vigyaan

Experience the power of ancient wisdom through Garbh Sanskar where we bring you a wide range of Raagas, Mantras, Inspiring stories along with Garbh Samvaad to stimulate your baby's brain, initiate calmness & positivity, both inside and outside, and promote bonding.

Live Yoga Classes

Indulge in Prenatal Yoga, a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, endurance of muscles needed for childbirth and mental health alongside, decreases many pregnancy discomforts including lower back pain, nausea, headaches and stress.

Community Access

Interact with expecting parents & families to gain knowledge and share experiences. Benefit from a one-of-its-kind platform that allows everyone to come under one-roof, like a family to support one another..


Nutrition is essential during pregnancy; know it in detail. From diet charts to super foods to what not to eat during pregnancy, we have it all listed and customised for you. Give your baby what it needs to grow by giving yourself the best nutrition.

LIVE Webinars

We bring you LIVE webinars conducted by global maternity experts. These are knowledge-based trimester-wise sessions that lead up to labour, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and new-born care.

Special Interest Groups

To address to special interest and needs, we have created specific groups for you to increase your knowledge on distinct topics, and learn how to deal or overcome issues that might surface in your journey. Information here, is delivered from a medical standpoint while also supporting you from an emotional perspective.

Customised Content Feed

Customised content (sequenced in week-wise buckets) to deliver evidence-based information and guidance during pregnancy, labour and birth. Content here includes insightful articles, research- based write-ups, activities & videos, tips, myths & facts and much more.

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